Optimization and demand/supply | Management homework help


This is the final report and the assignment requires students to write two page long (double spaced) report (at minimum) based on a recently published magazine, journal, newspaper article, a blog, a viewed video, readings from textbook, lecture materials, etc. You may use anything from the entirety of the course. The goal is to tie the observations in the article with the material discussed in class or the textbook. For this assignment tie the current event to at least one idea(list below) central to the course which has helped you understand the ideas underlying Microeconomics. , and the course is an undergraduate freshman course, so the reflection doesn’t need to be too professional, make sure it is easy to read

Here are the topics/ideas you can choose:

Principles And Practice In Economics

Optimization And Demand/Supply

Consumers And Incentives

Sellers And Incentives

Perfect Competition



Taxes And Regulation

Factors Of Production


Game Theory

Oligopoly And Monopolistic Competition

The Economics Of Information

Social Economics


Approximately 250 words