Oil Pipeline Case Study- Parts One and 2 I need help with both parts of this case study. Please see attached videos and word documents and grading rubric. Part 1: Discuss all 6 P&L and include ov

Part 1: To discuss all 6 P&Ls, you need to review each of the six profit and loss statements for the different lines of business within the company. Analyze each P&L in detail, looking at factors such as revenue, expenses, net income, and profit margins. Identify any trends or patterns that emerge across the P&Ls, and compare the results to the company’s overall financial performance. Finally, provide an overall summary of the results of the entire company based on your review of the P&Ls.

Part 2: To propose a plan for the issues facing the company, start by identifying the main challenges or problems that the company is facing. Consider factors such as competition, changing market conditions, regulatory issues, and financial performance. Next, develop a proposed plan to address these issues. Your plan should be based on a thorough analysis of the situation, and should take into account factors such as the company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the market, and potential risks and rewards of different strategies. Finally, be sure to address each of the necessary factors outlined in the grading rubric, and provide specific details and evidence to support your proposed plan.

Remember to use proper formatting and citation style throughout your paper, and to proofread carefully for grammar and spelling errors. Good luck!

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