New sports facility construction/renovation | Education homework help

 Create a presentation where you are an executive of a sports franchise and want the city to assist you with either building or renovating your stadium/arena. The specifications are as follows:

  1. Project submitted as a PowerPoint.
  2. Suggested length of the assignment is 10-15 slides, (title slide, table of contents, and References not included in slide count) introduction, and conclusion. Use at least four references. References should be cited where they are used, either on slides on in Notes.
  3. Explain how assistance from the city would benefit the: Local economy; city tax revenue; the facility’s standing in the league; and city identity. How will the renovation be funded?
  4. Use bullet-points instead of paragraphs.  Place most of your contents in the Notes section of each slide.
  5. Feel free to add any other relevant concepts; and lastly
  6. End with a Conclusion slide, 
  7.  please be creative with backgrounds, photos, graphics, tables, etc. and cite appropriately if using other peoples graphics, tables, etc.


Approximately 250 words