Module 2: social welfare social work history

Write an in-depth response to each of the prompts numbered below. Number your response with the question. Each response needs to be at least four sentences in length. Refer to “Writing Rubric” (in the Getting Started Module and the syllabus) for content and grammar guidelines. If you research information outside of the textbook, document your reference after the cited information. Save your work in a Word (.doc or .docx) file, name the file with your first and last name, and the module number. For example, “matt_warner_module2”. Then, upload your file into the dropbox folder.

Read Chapter 2, “The History of the Social Welfare System”, and the Web sites linked in the Readings page, and watch the three videos listed in the Activities section; then, write a very detailed paragraph for EACH response. Number the responses and copy the question. Your total page content should be no less than 2 pages.

  1. Watch the video entitled “A Brief History Of Social Work” and the video “Legacy of Change” found in the Activities section of the module.  Describe with detail the Settlement House movement. Fully  summarize who Jane Addams was and fully outline and describe her work. List her key interventions. What was her philosophy of change? Was it the person or the environment? Explain your answer with detail.
  2. Describe in detail  the Charity Organization Societies. Who was Mary Richmond? What specific contributions did she provide for Social Work and the COS? What was the philosophy of change for the COS? Was it the environment or the individual? Fully explain your answer.
  3. Watch the video entitled “How Does Social Security Work”. For further information on social security, you can go to the Resource section  in the Activities section and click on the link provided entitled “Top Questions about Social Security”. Describe Social Security and its history.  List the specific main programs under it. Who is eligible for them? Clearly identify here how a person earns social security. Not everyone receives it, why?  Explain this. How significant is it for social workers to know the guidelines for this program for clients?
  4. Define public assistance programs. List these programs identified in the textbook and give a brief description of each. Identify what the guidelines are to be eligible for each one. How do these programs help overall with the cycle of poverty? How can a Social Worker benefit clients by knowing the details of these programs?


Approximately 250 words