Mis605 assessment 1 written assessment

MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design

MIS605_ Assessment 1

Task Summary

In response to the case study provided, identify the functional and the non-functional requirement for the required information system and then build a Use Case Diagram and document set of use cases.


System analysis methods and skills are of fundamental importance for a Business Analyst. This assessment allows you to enhance your system analysis skills by capturing the business and then functional and non-functional requirement of a system. It helps you in identifying “what” the proposed system will do and “how”? 


1. Please read the attached MIS605_ Assessment 1_Case Study. Note that every piece of information provided in the following case serves a purpose.

2. Once you have completed reading the case study. Please answer the following questions:

Question 1 (10 mark).

Identify all the human and non-human actors within the system. Provide brief description against every actor.

Question 2 (30 marks).

Using the information provided in the case study, build a Use Case Diagram using any diagramming software.

Note: Please make assumptions where needed.

Question 3 (60 marks).

Document all use cases (use case methods). All use cases identified in the Use Case Diagram in Question 2 must be elaborated in detail. Please document each use case using the following template: 

Use Case N umber

Use Case Type  Base/Abstract (Extends or Includes)

Use Case N ame


Actor Involved

Associated Data Sources

Associated User Interfaces


Post Condition(s)



Normal Course of Events Using a Flow Chart Diagram

Alternate Course(s) 

Word Count and Layout

· The total word count for the written assessment should be no more than 2200 words.

· Please provide all your answers in a MS word document.

· Please note that you are NOT required to copy the questions over to the MS Word document. Use the question n umber to indicate which question your answer relates to.

· The recommended font size is 12 with 1.5 spacing.



It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing if needed. Please see more information on referencing here 

Submission Instructions

Please submit the written assessment via the Assessment within Assessment 1. The Learning Facilitator will provide feed back via the Grade Centre in the L M S. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades. 

MIS605_Assessment 1_Brief_Written Assessment


Approximately 250 words