Medicaid | Social Science homework help


The Medicaid program has gone through several amendments and expansions since its inception in the 1960s, most notably with the Affordable Care Act (2010). However, its purpose remains essentially the same: to assist people with low income in gaining access to necessary health services. Because the federal program is administered by each state, Medicaid looks different across the country. What are the requirements and procedures for your state?

In this Discussion, you research your own state’s Medicaid policy and consider its effect on a certain population. Make sure to access the website, in the Learning Resources, to conduct your research. 


  • Identify a population that is eligible to receive Medicaid benefits, and describe why they are eligible.
  • Explain your state’s eligibility requirements for this population.
  • Recommend and defend one change to the Medicaid policy in your state that would benefit the population you presented.




Approximately 250 words