Marking plan project | Marketing homework help

This project is focused on a new product or service of your choice, ideally one that is sold or offered at retail, or one that you create for “future” market introduction. You will submit your idea to the instructor for approval by the appropriate deadline. You will then develop a comprehensive marketing plan over the last third of the semester, and will submit various sections of the plan at specific deadlines. The project rubric, located in the project folder, presents all the sections of the plan, and specifies the deliverables for each section.

The first section to be completed is section 2, the SWOT, where you will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your company ( the company producing the product or service), and then analyze the external business environment factors ( Opportunities and Threats) relevant to your product/service. 

You will then complete section 3 ( SMART goal setting), section 4 ( the marketing strategy/tactics), section 5 (the financial spreadsheet/budget), section 6 ( your powerpoint presentation), section 7 ( your live presentation of the plan via Collaborate), and lastly section 1, the executive summary. Section 1 is presented first during your live presentation and document, but you need to complete the other sections before section 1,  as section 1 summarizes all the key items in the other sections ( 2-5). 


Approximately 250 words