Marketing plan | Management homework help


Cover page- Product name

1) Executive summary

The executive summary will highlight the goals of the marketing plan and how you will accomplish these goals. Make sure to define your product /Service.

2) Market analysis 

In this section you will provide a summary of the market for your specific produc/Service. Make sure to address the past, present and future of the market.

3) Positioning/ Competition 

Explain or show how you will position your product to be successful and how this will attract the consumer. You will also describe your competition and their strengths and weaknesses. 

4) Marketing strategies

This section should outline your strategies for the following: 

*Product/Service strateg- What products or services will you sell and how does it compare to your competitors.

*Promotional Strategy – How will you promote your business and how will that make customers aware of your business and motivated to buy your products. 

*Pricing Strategy- How will you price your product relative to competitor. 

*Location Strategy- How will the proposed or current location of the business best meet the needs of your customers. 


Approximately 250 words