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My Wildlife Management Plan is to reintroduce Elk to the Great Smokey Mountains


Literature Review Exercise – DUE Week 5

For the literature review exercise (i.e., this assignment), download the attached template and then provide in each of the 5 main sections at least 2 references in APA format that you will use in your Wildlife Management Plan. (No, you are not required to use these exact references for your Wildlife Management Plan.) Please explain in 1-2 sentences for each of the 5 sections why they are applicable to your Wildlife Management Plan (For further information, please see the instructions for the Final Plan). In total, you must have at least 10 references, 5 of which must be from peer-reviewed journal articles and none can be duplicates (i.e., ≥ 10 unique references). Note, these are minimum numbers and thus it might be wise (hint, hint) to include a few additional peer-reviewed journal articles in case you misidentify them. How do you find peer-reviewed journal articles? See this FAQ in the APUS Library (just ensure you select peer-review and journal article only, not only scholarly). What’s a peer-reviewed article? See this FAQ in the APUS library. Finally, there is a new resource, Research@APUS, that has an enormous amount of information on the topic and research in general.

Please name your file LastName_341A2


CategoryPoints5 Journal Articles (5 points each)255 Additional Articles (5 points each)25Explanations (5 points each)25Formatting of References25

For the final plan due in Week 8, you must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the selected species, its habitat requirements, natural history and ecology. Then using what you have learned in this course, develop a comprehensive management plan that will bring the population of the select species back from the brink of threatened or endangered status. You must clearly identify the factors or threats affecting your species of choice, link the management actions you propose to the threats the species faces, explain your methods of management, offer support as to why you chose the methods you did, and explain how you will monitor the implementation of your proposed plan to measure its success. Cite all of your sources correctly in APA format within the text and at the end of your plan


Approximately 250 words