Lab 3: page layout with css



Download  the Lab 3 Instructions and the Lab Report for the necessary steps to be  completed for this lab. Both documents can be found in the Files  section of the Course Menu. In addition to completing all of the steps  for the lab found in the instructions document, be sure to complete the  Lab Report document by completing all of the sections listed on the  page. You will find that the readings, lecture, examples we worked on  during the lecture, and other audio and visual aids provided, will help  you tackle this week’s lab. Remember to always follow the instructions  to get maximum credit and use the weekly Lab Forum discussion and the  Course Q & A Forum in the Introduction and Resources module for  additional help.


Required Software

Notepad ++

Access the software at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Lab Steps


Step 1: Download Files

Download the following documents from the Files section of the Course Menu.

  • CIS363_Lab_3.docx
  • CIS363_Lab_Report.docx 

Step 2: Complete the Lab

Follow all instructions in the CIS363_Lab_3.docx document (downloaded from the Files section of the Course Menu in step 1) to complete the lab.


Step 3: Submit Deliverables

Zip up your files and submit the zip file.

  • If you saved your files on the Citrix server, use Windows Explorer in Citrix to copy them to your local computer (do NOT use your local copy of Windows Explorer).
  • Zip all of the files used for the lab, along with the lab report  into a single file. Be sure to include all files used for the lab,  including the lab report, any diagrams created, and all of the files in  your website, including graphics. Also, make sure that you retain the  directory structure used for your site when you zip up the files.
  • Save your zip file as flastnameLab1, where f is your first initial, followed by your last name and then the Lab1 designation.



Approximately 250 words