Jan wk4 | Marketing homework help


Strategic Marketing Brief

The Course Project is a strategic marketing brief and summary presentation for a new product. Similar to a complete marketing plan, the brief includes topics such as the marketing mix and promotional mix. In contrast to a marketing plan, the strategic brief communicates these and other topics to a different audience. It addresses senior executives and investors rather than managers and frontline workers. As such, your brief will focus on 
why your marketing organization is doing what it is doing, rather than the details of 
what it is doing and 

Although you will discuss tactical activities such as advertising and breakeven point, strive to communicate a high-level strategic perspective with your writing. To help gain that perspective in the context of marketing, be sure to watch the Week 2: PlayPosit, which discusses strategic leadership using marketing examples that have turned into goods, services, and ideas that are still in market today. As you watch the PlayPosit, focus on the question posed: Why does a product exist?

Begin by selecting a product and company to use as an example throughout the brief. By using one product and company, the research, organization, and presentation of your recommendations will be easier. Your product and company can be imaginary, or a business you would be interested in starting, or an existing product and company that are in market today. The product can be B2C or B2B, and the company can be any organizational structure. The product and company are not important, because they will merely serve as examples. That is to say, you’ll include the 
what and the 
how, but you’ll focus your writing about the 

· Use Microsoft Word for all project draft submissions. 

· Each section should be about one page in length, so each draft should be about two pages in length

Follow the prompts in the Outlines below to write a paper and create a summary presentation that discusses the following topics for your product and company. Note that you do not need to answer the question prompts in the Outlines below verbatim. The prompts are intended to serve as a guide for the types of information you should include for each respective section.

Draft 2

· Insights and Segmentation

· Product Strategy

Week 4: Draft 2

Insights and Segmentation

Segment a market to identify the target customer of your company’s product.

· Which three types of primary research do you think would be most effective for your company’s product and why, and what ethical implications may exist for the types of primary research you recommend?

· Who is the target customer for your company’s product?

· What is the value proposition of your company’s product?

Product Strategy

Evaluate the brand equity of your company’s product, and recommend an ethical development process and life cycle management for your company’s product.

· Describe the brand equity for your company’s product. What is the differential influence the brand can impose relative to competing brands?

· Discuss the ethical implications of your company’s product, from development, through use, and to disposal. What strategic advantage can you develop based upon these practices?

· Draft and share a product positioning statement for your Course Project company. Be sure to include

· the target segment;

· the target segment’s unmet need;

· the product concept; and

· specific points of product differentiation.




Documentation, Formatting, and Editing

Quality work will be in APA 7th Edition format and free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Quality work will include a title page, headings and subheadings to organize sections, and a references page. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct as expected at a graduate level.


Quality work will adequately cover all sections required for the respective draft.* Quality work will have significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. The content presented must demonstrate an understanding of the material expected at a graduate level.


Approximately 250 words