Interview project | Law homework help

3-page paper about what you learned from the experience (We had to take turns interviewing each other as a paralegal and had to fill out a form), including feedback about how both you and your partner handled the initial telephonic contact, the professional email follow-up, and the initial client interview (i.e., Was s/he prepared?  Did s/he explain the purpose of the interview?  Was confidentiality mentioned, etc.?) 


During the Client Interview Alexis and I both 

-Dressed Professional 

  • I wore a nice blouse, with black dress pants with, small pearl earrings. 

-Conducted the Interview through Zoom

-Was very nice and professional 

-Spoke proper grammar

-Asked great questions

-Both sat at our desk

-As I was interviewing Alexis I made sure I kept it very professional. 

-As I was interviewing Alexis I made sure I kept eye contact.

Things I Learned during the interview

-That you have to have good listening skills 

-Chapter 13 stated that – When interviewing a client, it is important to pay close attention to what he or she is saying and to convey to him or her that you are actually listening. (Luppino J.D and Miller, 2019)

-I learned that you have to emphasize with your clients. (As she was talking about her divorce and her husband dealing with drug abuse I let her know that she has every right to feel the way she feel)

Before the actual interview 

-I greeted Mrs. Smith with a smile and welcomed her virtually. 

-To make Alexis feel comfortable we started with small talk before we got into the actual 

When the interview started 

  • I started by explaining to Mrs. Smith my role as a paralegal. 
  • During the interview process I made sure I told my client Alexis that as a paralegal I am never to give legal advice. 
  • I started by getting an understanding of what is causing the divorce. She stated that Mr. Smith had a serious drug abuse/alcoholism problem. 

initial telephonic contact

-Me and my partner both did an amazing job on the telephone contact interview.

-She was very professional

-She greeted me professionally 

-She was nice and on point 

the professional email follow-up

-Me and my partner both did an amazing job for this.

  • She started the email with greetings
  • She let me know who it was emailing me 
  • She followed up to let me know when our next appointment was
  • She let me know what documents to send her
  • As well as I did the same 

-During each interview Alexis was very prepared and professional 

-Alexis also explained the purpose the interview 

Luppino J.D, G. and Miller, J., 2019. Family Law and Practice. 5th ed. Pearson.


Approximately 250 words