Identify and analyze an existing instrument with established

Identify and analyze an existing instrument with established reliability and validity that is regularly used in workplace settings.  Discuss the following items:

  • Report the name and type of assessment (personality, intelligence, aptitude, ability, achievement, etc.) that you selected for analysis.
  • Provide information on the test’s reliability and validity. 
  • Discuss the potential for any cultural bias. 
  • Indicate any concerns with the instrument regarding cultural bias. You may find this type of information in scholarly articles about the assignment. 
  • Report the method used to gather the data: observations, interviews, formal test, etc.
  • Discuss potential ethical or legal challenges. 
  • Report and critically evaluate how the test is administered. Provide as much detail of the specific standardized administration recommendations as possible (e.g., directions that are to be read, environment in which the test should be administered, administrator qualifications, etc.). 
  • Critically evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of the instrument. 

Information may be gathered from scholarly literature or may be hypothetical situations that you suggest (e.g., using a test with individuals from a different background than what the test was normed with).


apa style

included references

paying 12


Approximately 250 words