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DISCUSSION BOARD FOR PADM 550: USE REQUIRED BOOKS AND OTHER “SCHOLARLY” RESOURCES. Policy Issue for DB IS: Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice Organizations

For this Discussion Board Forum, interact in a free-flowing discussion of the biblical and constitutional parameters for the particular policy focus being discussed this module/week. In other words, you must discuss the “May” portion of the “May-Can-Should” approach to policy analysis and implementation. Engage the ideas of your classmates and the required readings and presentations in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.

Remember to provide thoughts on what government should or should not do from a biblical and constitutional perspective. Also discuss what other groups, individuals, and organizations (possibly including state and local government) should be doing within society to address the policy issues discussed in this module/week.

Policy Brief:Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice Organizations : Instructions are attached. Be sure and follow all instructions.


Approximately 250 words