I need help with writing

 the topic is : ” parents should not spank thier children “


homework description:

Paper Assignment

A 7 page paper will be turned in discussing both sides (liberal and conservative) as well as your own perspective on the assigned topic for your debate. Both the liberal and conservative perspectives as well as your own personal opinion should be thoroughly discussed using a minimum of 5 credible sources.

This paper should be broken down into an introduction, the liberal perspective, the conservative perspective, your own opinion, and a conclusion. The introduction of the paper should give a basic overview of the topic. The liberal and conservative perspectives portions of this paper should include the major argument points that are made by the side and should include 5 sources. The personal opinion portion of this paper should discuss how your own perspectives on the topic and why you feel that way.

Sources can be brought in from class readings, however, they will not count towards the 5 additional sources required for this paper.

All papers are expected to be well written (using good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure). I do not wish to spend time marking off points for spelling and grammar. Poorly prepared papers will be graded accordingly.

Papers should be 7 pages long. Papers must be prepared using a word processor, 12-point font (not courier), double spaced with standard 1” margins and must have a separate title page. Citations should be made using APA 6th edition (Purdue has a decent online guide to APA). Papers must be stapled. Papers in folders, with paper clips, or merely loose will be returned and considered late. Papers will lose 20% of their points the first day late, and 10% each day thereafter.


Approximately 250 words