Human resource civil services 6 questions


I need 6 questions need answered on Human Resources – Civil Services

Each 6 questions require 250 word count minimum, Word Format APA, Times Roman font, 12 pt.

Use reference provided below plus each needs a scholarly source also.


Nigro, L. & Kellough, J. (2014) The New Public Personnel Administration, 7th Edition


ISBN: 978-1-13373428-4, Cengage Learning.



Recent Reforms: Merit, Management, and Politics


1.    What are the three major themes or aspects of recent civil service reforms?


2.    Has recent civil service reform been driven more by political ideology or technical personnel management concerns?


The Struggle for Equal Employment Opportunity


3.    What are two elements of an effective equal employment opportunity policy?


4.    Why were early efforts to combat historic patterns of discrimination grounded on Presidential Executive Orders? What were the most important of those orders?


From EEO to Affirmative Action and Affirming Diversity




5.    What were the conditions that gave rise to affirmative action in the federal civil service?


6.    What are the various forms of affirmative action and what are their implications for the principle of nondiscrimination?


Approximately 250 words