History – world history history assignment psychology

Zirngibl 2023 NVCC Alexandria


Using our newly developed mental pathways, historical fluency, and analytical skill, we will create a

descriptive digital collage of visual world history to represent our learning journey over the course of

the semester.

Components of the Assignment
1. Take a photo of a historic landmark, building, marker, street, object, or place

2. Post the photo to the class bulletin board

3. Identify the photo, providing a title as well as caption that includes both

a. date or time period

b. street address or proximity to a landmark or natural feature to identify its location

4. Describe how you found it or why you chose it

5. Write a brief narrative history that explains the historical relevance

Recommended questions to consider for your narrative
Not all questions will apply to your subject

• Which period, event, culture, or ideology does this item represent?

• What does this item suggest about the culture/s associated with it?

• Who created it, and why? Or was it a notable event that happened here?

• Can we deduce any important info from the materials used to make it?

• How was it used? Did different people use it or value it in different ways?

• Has its function changed over time? How or why?

Scope and resources
We live in an area that is historically abundant with visual history and provides plenty of subject

matter to choose from as well as a great opportunity to sleuth out some less obvious subjects in

your search. You can choose any area, whether right here in Alexandria, across the river in the

District of Columbia, or overseas. You also can choose a subject outside the time period covered

in this class (although tough to find pre-1500 in the eastern US). Be as imaginative as you’d like.

A few resources to give you a head start:


• Take the photo yourself—no lifting from the internet

• Observe safety precautions (and all laws!) in taking the photo

• Use your own words to describe the historical significance and your interest in your subject

• Do let me know if you would like to discuss alternative access—I’m happy to accommodate

• This assignment is meant to encourage you to go out and see your surroundings through a

new lens: have fun with it

• Due 30 November 2023 – 40 pts (20% of final grade)


Approximately 250 words