Hima 230: 4 page paper on the electronic applications of clinical | HIMA 230: Classification Systems II | American Public University

Health Information Management 230: Classification Systems II

Write a 4 page paper on the electronic applications of clinical coding.

  • Describe the use and function of computer assisted coding systems (CAC). 
  • Discuss the function of encoders. 
  • Compare the similarities and differences in the coding process with paper/manual systems versus electronic systems. Be sure to outline key advantages and drawbacks of each. 
    • Create a flowchart or diagram on the step-by-step coding process both the paper and electronic coding process 
  • Explain the application of the systems development cycle in the implementation of electronic applications, such as encoders and CACs. 
    • Provide an example of how SDLC can be used in the decision-making process to implement an encoder or CAC. 

Please include Cover page, Paper (4 pages of content), and Reference page


Approximately 250 words