Health 5 | Psychology homework help

Students will select a contemporary cultural health population facing a global health issue to research, critically analyze, and develop a theoretically-grounded, culturally-sensitive health program. A 6-paged (minimum) double-spaced research paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with subheadings is required, including at least 5 peer-reviewed references (one can be the text, and the other 4 must be journal articles; Wikipedia will not be accepted). Please cite in APA format WITHIN THE TEXT OF THE PAPER (author/organization, year of publication). SUBHEADINGS (NOT numbered sections) are required throughout the paper. A reference page needs to be attached to the end of the paper listing all of the references in APA format used to write the paper (not included in the 6 required pages). Content, quality of writing, and grammar will be considered during grading. Final papers are due on Thursday of this week.

Please include the following sections in your 6-paged (minimum) double-spaced research paper:

  1. Literature review section of global health target population (with APA format citations and SUBHEADINGS), including (at least 1 page).
  1. Literature review section of health and cultural issues affecting the population (with APA format citations), including (at least 2 pages):
    1. Health issue (e.g., HIV, smoking, avian flu, malaria, violence)
    2. Health disparities
    3. Social determinants of health
    4. Specific vulnerabilities
    5. Health risks
    6. Psychological and emotional conditions (or states)
    7. Cultural issues and stressors
    8. Stigma
    9. Other related health and cultural issues (explanation of related subtopics)
  1. Selected theory/model/assessment framework (with APA format citations), including (at least 1 page):
    1. Name theory/model/assessment framework
    2. Match the selected theory/model/assessment framework to your health issue/topic and global population
    3. Discuss how other researchers/studies have utilized this theory/model/assessment framework for a similar topic and target population
  1. Synthesize all of the following for a culturally-sensitive health program (specific to your target population and location), including (at least 2 pages):
    1. Synthesize information gathered during research to develop a culturally-sensitive global health program specifically designed to change/assist the health issue affecting your target population, applying your selected theory
      1. Integrate cultural competence (refer to CLAS Standards) and knowledge specific to the population and culture
      2. Explain how culturally appropriate communication will occur
      3. Discuss how ways to ensure health literacy and comprehension will be integrated
      4. Incorporate cultural health promotion and education strategies
        1. Non-biomedical, non-Western, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices
        2. Spiritual beliefs and/or religion
        3. Morality
        4. Healing/healers
        5. Institutions of health
        6. Other related strategies to assist the target population, specific to their culture

      2. Explain the implementation plan, step-by-step, how the program could be implemented for your target population

  1. Reference page in APA format, including at least 5 peer-reviewed references (NOT included in the 6 page requirement). One of the references can be the text, and the other 4 or more must be professional journal articles—if you are unsure about which resources to use, please ask (Wikipedia will NOT be accepted).


Approximately 250 words