Go16_wd_ch02_grader_2g_hw – letter and resume 1.5


Ms. Mary Walker-Huelsman, Director
Florida Port Community College Career Center
2745 Oakland Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Dear Ms. Walker-Huelsman: 

On the Florida Port Community College Alumni website, I see that the Career Center has a job posting that interests me and for which I have the necessary skills and education. Specifically, this is the position for a Business Programmer Analyst in enterprise cloud computing.

The job posting indicates that the company would like to fill this position very quickly. As you requested on the website, I am faxing both my resume and this cover letter. I will send a printed copy, and can also send the resume in PDF format if that would be more convenient.

The job description had several very explicit requirements. I would like to point out my qualifications in a few of the specified areas:


Approximately 250 words