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Country – Philippines

Part I: Rule of Law and Ethics – create 3 PowerPoint Slide Presentation with Speaker Notes

1. Using the country selected, present the influence of colonization on that country and explain how that influence has affected its current legal system.

2. Explain the current legal system. Is there a correlation between the current rule of law and the propensity of entrepreneurship?

3. Explain how that legal system relates to the mode of entry (property rights) and how that legal system affects your entry into that country (as a company) and how you would conduct business in that country.

4. Recommend legal compliance approaches would you use for your selected country.

Part II: Benchmark – Executive Summary 

After the presentation about your selected country, provide an (350-500 word) executive summary.

1. Define the problem – Poverty: who is affected? Where are they? What are the costs that an individual suffering from the problem bears?

2. What technologies are emerging that could be used to solve the problem? What are the costs associated with it? What cost level would be needed to solve the problem?

3. How would you recommend they enter the market? what infrastructure do they need in country to offer your solution? (i.e., ports, electricity, Internet, language, rule of law) Why? How would the solution be communicated to potential customers?

4. Explain the impact of the convergence of multiple technologies through Moore’s Law, the Hype Cycle and the 6 D’s of Disruption.


Approximately 250 words