Fraud case | Accounting homework help

1. Write a cohesive analysis for both Gamma Construction Company and Jannie’s Jewelry Store.

2. The normal out of class case requirements apply (so yes, there needs to be authoritative guidance in both and yes it can be the same guidance) Hint: the cases are about fraud.

3. Be sure to answer questions 1 and 2 in both cases.

4. The questions are brief, so the two case analysis TOTAL (together) should not be more than 3 pages, not including the works cited page.

5. Put both analyses in one document. So in other words, when you are finished with the Gamma discussion, hit return and Label Jannie’s Jewelry store and start that case discussion.

6. I am only calling it ‘two’ analyses because I want to make it clear that they are unrelated and should not be discussed together.

7. It is okay to be brief as long as you completely answer the questions for each part.


Approximately 250 words