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 I have an assignment for you to assist me with, the essay has to be in APA format. Please be careful on the paraphrasing and citations in the essay. Thanks for all your assistance in advance, it is greatly appreciated.









Write an essay that responds to the following questions. Before completing this assignment, please review the rubric and requirements for this essay in the Course Grading and Rubrics menu item under Course Home.

Write a minimum of two paragraphs for each of the following topics:
(In many cases, it might take several well written paragraphs to successfully present your answer to the questions, topics, or issues AND display evidence of critical thinking.)

  1. Discuss the ways in which social inequality can be alleviated at is relates to financial capital and cultural capital. (Chapter 11)
  2. Discuss how public programs in the area of education can help improve people’s lives and reduce inequality and poverty. (Chapter 11)
  3. Explain the usefulness of social-change organizations in addressing social inequality as it relates to participant’s active engagement and individual transformation. (Chapter 11)



Title: Social Inequality and Social Stratification in the United States
Authors: Christopher B. Doob
ISBN-13: 978-0-205-79241-2
Publisher: Pearson Education


Approximately 250 words