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Ms Woods

I have another assignment for you. Using the paper I provided, I need an essay with the below:

Also the paper has to be in “APA” formatted paper the organizational culpability for the problem. (Approximately 500 -700 words)





Organizational Culpability

In this assignment, you will explore the organization’s culpability for the problem you have defined:

  • Is there evidence of corruption, prejudice and discrimination in the behavior of the organization or organizations that carry primary responsibility for the problem?
  • Does globalization play a part in the problem? Why or why not? Be sure to explain the concept of globalization.
  • What strategy has the institution that bears primary responsibility for the problem employed to legitimize their conduct? How have they justified their actions?
  • What is the organization doing to reduce or alleviate the problem? Is it doing anything? What seems to be the motivation for this action? How is the action being reported to civic groups, governmental agencies, national or international monitoring bodies and the public? Do the efforts at remediation (if there are any) appear to be succeeding



Approximately 250 words