Excel_5g_sports_programs | Computer Science homework help



Project Description:

In this project, you will create a worksheet for Sandy Chase, Assistant Director of Athletics, with data that has been sorted, filtered, and grouped and that analyzes sports programs at Laurel College.


Open   the Excel workbook Student_Excel_5G_Sports_Programs.xlsx   downloaded with   this project.


Display the Valley-Park-West   worksheet. Select the range A1:J40, insert a table, and then display the   Table Styles gallery. In the third row, apply the fourth style or choose   another style.



Sort the table on the Campus   column using a Custom List in the following order: Valley, Park, West. (Mac   users, create the custom list in the Excel, Preferences, Custom Lists dialog   box.) Add a second level sort by Sport Group and a third level sort by   Program Name both in ascending order.


Display the Sports Season   Comparison worksheet. Copy the range A6:G7, paste it in cell A1, and then   change the title in cell A1 to Criteria. Select the range A2:G3, and then name this range Criteria.


Copy the range A1:G2, and then   Paste the copied range in cell A36. Change the title in cell A36 to Fall-Summer   Sports Season.   Name the range A37:G37 Extract and then name the range A7:G34 Database.


Create an advanced filter that   will place in the Extract area the records from the Database range in which Fall is the primary season and Summer is the secondary season.


Display the Stipends by Group   worksheet. Sort the data in ascending order first by Group and then by Coach   Stipend.


Apply subtotals to the Coach   Stipend column at each change in Group. AutoFit columns C:D and then collapse   the outline so that the Level 2 summary information is displayed.


On the Valley-Park-West   worksheet, in cell J1, insert a Hyperlink to the file you downloaded with   this project, e05G_Coach_Information.   Display the ScreenTip, type Click here for contact information and then test your hyperlink.   Close the e05G_Coach_Information   file.


Select all three worksheets.   Insert a footer in the left section that includes the file name, and in the   right section, insert the Sheet Name. Set the Width and Height to 1 page, and   Center the worksheets horizontally. Change the Theme to Slice, and then change   the Fonts theme to Corbel.


Display the workbook Properties,   and then as the Tags, type sports programs As the Subject, type your course name and section   number. Be sure your name displays as the Author.


Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.


Approximately 250 words