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After a careful review of the lecture for Module 2, you should have a better understanding of ethics and the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct. For this discussion assignment, you will apply this knowledge to evaluate ethical dilemmas related to early childhood education.

The Prompt

Respond to the following prompt(s) for this module.Review the three situations below.For each situation, fully describe the ethical dilemma presented. Include in your description provide details as to how you would handle each situation using the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct by outlining specifically what you would do and how your actions align with the code. Match your proposed actions with the specific ideals and/or principles from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.

  1. Joe, a parent of a four-year student in your Pre-K class is concerned that his child will not be ready for kindergarten. Joe contacted the local school district and obtained a copy of the kindergarten readiness tool. Joe approaches you and demands that you begin preparing his child to be ready for kindergarten. He asks that you add structured, academic activities instead of just letting his son play all day.
  2. You are a kindergarten teacher who is eager to implement a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum. Your principal expects you to follow the state-mandated common core curriculum. You are concerned that the teaching practices including in the common core curriculum are not developmentally appropriate for five-year-old children.
  3. It is the beginning of the school year in your kindergarten classroom. For Susie, a student in your classroom, this is her very first time being away from her mother. Each morning when her mother leaves, Susie cries loudly. You comfort Susie with hugs and gentle voices. Your elementary school has a strict no touching policy and your principal has reprimanded you several times for violating this policy.


Discussion Forum Assignment Guidelines (opens in a new window) successfully complete this discussion assignment, you should refer to the lecture narrative and reading assignments for Module 2.

Grading Criteria

Your discussion forum posts and replies will be evaluated using this rubric:  Discussion Forum Rubric (MS Word Document) Discussion Forum Rubric (MS Word Document) – Alternative Formats (opens in a new download window)


For a satisfactory score, your initial responses should include specific support from course materials, including any readings, videos, or lecture narratives, your own experiences, or other sources as detailed in the assignment instructions. An appropriate opening response should directly address the ethical dilemmas. Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.You should also respond in a substantive way to other students, moving the conversation forward, presenting an alternative viewpoint, or providing additional support for classmates’ ideas. Supporting information is expected in those responses as well.In addition, you are expected to reply to those who may have responded to your initial postings. Thorough, conscientious participation throughout the week will be rewarded.

Here is a list of key terms and concepts with which you should become familiar as you work through this module:

  1. Disposition agreement process
  2. Ethical dilemma
  3. Fixed mindset  
  4. Grit
  5. Growth mindset
  6. Logistics
  7. Metacognition
  8. Switchtasking


Approximately 250 words