Employee satisfaction homework – mba



The organization that you are a director of leadership and learning for has been conducting engagement surveys among its employees every two years to gain a deeper understanding of employees’ views on areas such as customer service, the organization’s overall strategy, job satisfaction, rewards and recognition, and training and development. The most recent survey was conducted this year, and the organization wants to carry out another survey in two years.


Your task is to evaluate the employee survey results using a GROW Model Template and identify several survey questions that will target leadership skill and behavior improvement for the next two years. You will also represent the trends you’ve identified with bar or line graphs. For this assignment, you will complete the first five sections of the GROW model template:

  • Identified Trends
  • Employee Survey Results Data
  • Focus Areas
  • Reality—Current State
  • Desired Future State—Where Would You Like to Be?

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. In the Identified Trends section, identify any noticeable trends in the Employee Satisfaction Survey Results data and address the following in your response.
    1. Are there certain focus areas that have seen significant changes compared to others?
    2. How might one focus area impact another?
  2. In the Employee Survey Results Data section, create bar or line graphs from the employee survey results data that best represent the trends you’ve identified above.
  3. In the Focus Areas section, identify three focus areas to improve the organization based on your evaluation, and provide rationale.
  4. In the Reality—Current State section, explain the current state for each focus area you’ve identified above according to the employee survey results. Consider the following in your response:
    1. The potential impact on survey results over time, the “why.”
  5. In the Desired Future State—Where Would You Like to Be? section, create a goal to address each focus area you’ve identified within the next two years, and describe the impact to the entire organization. Consider the following in your response:
    1. The desired result should be 10% improvement for the next survey.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit the GROW Model Template as a Word document. Insert your bar or line graphs in the appropriate section. Please note that you should fill in all but the last two sections of the template for this assignment. You will complete the last two sections in Module Five. If references are included, they must be cited in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


Approximately 250 words