Edwards et al. article | Reading homework help

For this assignment, you will need to have read and reviewed the material in the module for Section IV. More importantly, you will also need to have read the article by Edwards, Dardis, and Gidycz on p. 159 in section IV.

Your task for this assignment is to simply just respond to the questions below using evidence from the article and chapter for your responses.

1. In the first page of the article, the authors draw on background research from Mahlstedt and Keeny (1993) as it relates to who abused women are most likely to disclose their abuse to. Who is the source most likely to be informed by abused women, according to Mahlstedt and Keeny (1993), and why are they the most likely source.

2. The major argument of the article by Edwards and colleagues is that the results of studies done using qualitative methods may tell us something different from studies using quantitative methods. What do the findings from the different methods tell us abut dating violence and how women choose to disclose the abuse against them?

3. According to the study, when victims decided to disclose their abuse, what resources did they find the MOST HELPFUL and what resources were the LEAST HELPFUL?

4. According to Edwards and Colleagues (2012), what were some of the major limitations of their study and how were they able to address those concerns?


Approximately 250 words