Education observation assignment: initial observation


In lieu of live  classroom observations, due to  Covid-19 restrictions, view video clips  embedded in this module  and write a report, including documentation of  evidence-based observations, focusing on
philosophies and governance you saw represented in the classroom.


View some YouTube video clips.   write a report, including documentation of evidence-based observations,  focusing on
philosophies and governance you saw represented in the classroom. 

The Specifics:

1. Use the observation strategies from the lecture notes and videos for this module. 

2. Review 

Using Observation Methods, Tools and Techniques to Gather Evidence

3. For  this assignment, you will use an anecdotal record of the teacher to  document your observations; then, you will keep two different frequency  counts. Explain what your frequency counts are counting. You could also  use frequency counts to count the number of potential teaching  philosophy and governance you saw represented in the classroom.

4. After concluding your observation, type your notes and records. 

5. Finally, write a 1 page reflection on your observation. Paper must  be a minimum of 4 paragraphs. Include the following writing prompts are  the foundation of each paragraph:

6. How do you feel the observation went? Did you encounter any issues  or situations that you did not know how to handle? If so, please  explain. 

7. What did you learn for the first time through this observation that you did not know previously about teaching/education?

8. How did this observation experience make you feel about a future career as a teacher?

9. How was       this kindergarten observation different from what you may expect to       observe in an early childhood preschool setting? 

Acceptable Length

· The observation Log will be a minimum of 5-7 sentences

· Your anecdotal records and frequency counts will reflect the amount of time spent observing and what was observed. 

· The length will vary, but must be detailed for the length of the observation cycle as shown in the module 5 video clips. 

· You must complete an anecdotal record and frequency counts for each video clip just as you would do for each observation in an actual live classroom setting.

· 1 page typed double spaced reflection

Completed observation log and report: 100 points

You must use the attached template to complete the assignment. Other formats will not be accepted.   

Classroom setting:

· The grade/age of the classroom is provided (5 points).

· The time and date are clearly indicated (5 points).

· The teacher being observed is clearly indicated (5 points).

Reaction Log

· In a minimum of 5-7 sentences  for each clip, describe your reaction to what you observed in the boxes provided below the video titles. Give specific details that authenticate that you viewed the observation video. Be objective and write in factual terms. Only record what you observe.  No assumptions, biases, opinions, or emotions to be included (20 points)

Anecdotal notes and frequency counts: 

· Anecdotal record (10)

· Frequency counts (10)

· Frequency counts explanation: (10)  

Reflection report: 

· 1 page (four separate  paragraphs), Times New Roman,12 font, double spaced, typed reflection report (25)


Approximately 250 words