Edu 221 observational assessment | Education homework help


There are as many ways for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned as there are courses, majors, and departments or programs. The type of assessment that makes the most sense in a particular circumstance has partly to do with the type of department or program in question and partly to do with the level at which the assessment is taking place.

The Assignment

Using the observational data you have gathered throughout this semester as evidence, complete ASQ to assess your target child’s learning and development across a variety of domains. Be sure to fill out the version of the ASQ  in its entirety. ASQ forms link is above. 

After you have filled out the ASQ (complete the age of your child), complete a write up that answers the following questions:

         1. What did you learn about your target child by completing the ASQ  ?

         2. What are the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment?

         3. What are his strengths or weaknesses?

         4. What learning goals should I set for this student?

         5. Is additional, more targeted, testing needed?

         6. Is the student a candidate for intervention?

         7. Which skills is he ready to learn?

         8. Is he achieving typical growth?

Grading Criteria

40 points- Completed ASQ in its entirety  

30 points – Two paragraphs are included, each paragraph has a minimum of seven sentences

20 points – Paragraph answers the provided questions

10 points – correct grammar and spelling are used


Approximately 250 words