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Individual Analyzing Published Research Article (IAPRA) 

Part I: Research Question, Purpose, Variables and Participants

Research Question

Clearly and concisely states your group research question as formulated in PICO format.

Purpose of the Study

Describe the purpose/aim of the study as the author stated in the article: may cut & paste

Do NOT change or modify the purpose statement on the article 


Identify study variables from the above stated Purpose of Study

Quantitative Study: Dependent & Independent Variables OR Descriptive, Qualitative Study: Variables of Interest 


Enrollment: How did they recruit/enroll eligible participants in the study?

Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria: Describe Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria

Total Participant Numbers: Total numbers of participants in the study

Intervention Procedures/Obtaining Information Procedures

Quantitative Study

Intervention/Treatment Group

Describe the intervention contents given to Intervention group

Describe how the contents were given to Intervention group

Identify the person who provided Intervention contents to Intervention group

Control Group: If the study has Control Group

Describe the contents given to Control group

Describe how the contents were given to Control group

Identify the person who provided contents to Control group  


Approximately 250 words