Due 11/2 | Law homework help


The topics in unit 4 included internal financial accountability and political oversight of budgets in corrections institutions. Issues related to high-cost medical procedures for inmates are also examined. For this unit’s Complete assignment, write a comprehensive scholarly essay (minimum 2000 words) in which you analyze, explain, and apply these concepts in the context of a law enforcement organization. You must incorporate and cite, using correct
APA citation format,
at least four different scholarly research sources.. In-line citations must be used in the body of your essay, and all research sources must be fully cited at the conclusion of your essay. Correct APA citation formats must be used.


Your essay should explain what practices of internal financial accountability will help prevent fraud and/or deficit spending. Outlining how such a program should be designed is an effective method of demonstrating your mastery of this topic. How does political oversight of correctional programs and operations relate to the institutional budget in corrections facilities? What is the role of appropriate stewardship of public funds? Should inmates who are HIV positive be given very expensive HIV medications paid for from public funds? Should an inmate serving a life sentence be eligible for an organ transplant? Explain the rationale for your opinions on these questions.


Approximately 250 words