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Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchCOLLAPSE

            As noted by Crawford (2019) “Researchers using qualitative methods seek insight through in-depth collection of information” (p.70).  Qualitative research gives us an in-depth look at what we are studying. With this type of research, we discover things that we never intended for find or were not even looking for. As stated by Crawford (2019) “qualitative approaches look to see what is there”. From the observations you make you can create a theory. Brady (2016) “Qualitative research helps us analyze individuals and how they view the world and how they view changes over time”. We can use this research to study how we approach people at different times. It gives us better insight on how peoples thoughts and actions are today and how they have changed before now. This type of research is best because we can observe and identify how society and individuals have changed overtime. We can use the information we have gathered to keep up with the fast-changing society and how we approach people now compared to before. With this we can reach people and better equipped to help them with any need they may have as individuals or as a community.

             Crawford (2019) describes quantitative research “Researchers gather data that can be reported in numbers and statistics. A conclusion is drawn from the data collected and generalized to population of interest” (p.70). Quantitative research is something that can be tested, and the variable changed to check different outcomes. We can us this to explain how changing one variable in a situation can affect the whole outcome. This is important because if we can test different variables, we are able to discover which variables will produce a negative outcome and avoid them. Using a data collecting method also offers a lesser chance that an error can occur form bias. When collecting data, it can also be done on a larger scale to collect more information for data input. Collecting and analyzing more information can lessen the time spent doing the research.  As noted by Crawford (2016) “You are looking for things you have already identified when using quantitative research”. This makes it easier for the researching when beginning the research process. Being able to identify negative outcomes by conducting research based on changing numbers and variable is very helpful to prevent error and bad outcomes in the future. 


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