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Careful observation and assessment of children is essential to planning appropriate learning experiences for them.  How can teachers with a myriad of tasks to do every day possibly squeeze in observation and assessment? How will use you use observation throughout the day? How will you use observation and assessment to plan appropriate learning activities? 

The Assignment 

For this discussion board you will explore the many purposes, methods and uses of observation and assessment. Your DB has several components. 

*Watch the video titled “Observing Young Children” and “Classroom Observation Techniques.”  Listen to the administrators and teachers as they discuss the importance of observation as an assessment tool.

^After watching the 2 video discuss your findings, in a summary paragraph, with your classmates by addressing the following questions: (minimum of 5 sentences)

Why is it important for teachers to understand the importance of observation in relationship to assessments?

How should a teacher use observations?

What are types of observation assessments?

*During the video “Observing Young Children”, 3 specific scenarios are discussed about Joey, Marissa and Salvatore.  In addition to the summary paragraph, choose one of the children to discuss.  For this part of your discussion the following 3 areas must be addressed: 

What was the issue/concern with the child? (include which child you chose)

How did the teacher use observation as an assessment tool and what was she looking for?

How did using observation improve the child’s skills? what were the results?

Observing Young Children

Observation Techniques 


Approximately 250 words