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To be posted at the top of each discussion question/assignment:

Here are the overarching general instructions for every discussion assignment in this course.

  1. By day three 6/28/2023 of the discussion week, each student should make an initial post responding to the initial discussion question. Students should be sure the post meets the minimum length/word count requirements.
    • If the day three deadline is not met, students will receive an automatic 5-point deduction in their grade for the discussion assignment in focus. To avoid being late, students are encouraged to set reminders on their smartphones regarding the discussion assignment due dates.
  2. By day seven 7/2/2023 of the discussion week, each student should post a minimum of two responses to other students’ initial posts. For example, student A must post a response to student B and student C. Again, students should be sure the response meets the minimum length/word count requirements. Also, the responses should have depth that helps to carry on the discussion. A simple “I agree” or “good job” (or anything similar to that) will garner zero points.

*Note discussions close after day 7 of their corresponding week, and there is no way to add posts after the discussion’s week has closed.

*Remember to write posts in MS Word prior to inputting the details into Canvas; this helps to assure points aren’t lost because of obvious grammatical errors. Also, students can use the MS “word count” tool to make sure their posts meet the minimum length requirements.  However, please do not upload a document as your post; this makes it very cumbersome to view your input. Please, embed the actual posts into the Canvas module. 


  • Read Chapter 12 which focuses on scheduling and capacity management 
  • Read this article about how the current healthcare worker shortageLinks to an external site. ( and this one about excess U.S. health spendingLinks to an external site. (,of%20administrative%20spending%20is%20wasteful.)
  • Make the initial post by day 3; it must be in an uploaded (or embedded) audio or video format. Text is not allowed for the initial post.
    • Talk about your thoughts and solutions to create “balance” in the health worker space. Note we don’t want to be wasteful, but we do want to make sure there are enough people in place so we achieve a high level of quality. 
    • In your opinion and based on artificial intelligence advances, what are there some health-focused jobs just no longer needed (why or why not)?
  • Follow up on at least two (but more can be replied to) of your classmates’ initial posts. Each reply should be at least 50 words. Provide feedback on why you agree or respectfully need more details about the students’ provided resolutions. Be sure not to just say “I agree.” Instead, add context and explain why one agrees. If you need more details, explain why/how you came to these inquiring questions. 
    •  The students the profit the most from this assignment, usually interact with students throughout the week instead of just making the minimum required posts.


Approximately 250 words