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PSYC 525

Developmental Research Paper Assignment Instructions


Description: This assignment requires you to use empirical research to evaluate a developmental issue during 1 segment of the lifespan.

Purpose: Throughout this course, it has been emphasized that developmental psychology is a science. While theory construction is important, the testing of theory with empirical research is what sets developmental psychology apart from mere opinion or advice. This assignment will allow you to practice reviewing empirical literature to evaluate an issue in human development.



1. Select a topic.

a. Pick a domain that’s interesting to you (e.g., development of selective attention, attachment, autonomy, self-regulation, etc.)

b. Focus on 1 developmental stage (e.g., early/middle/late childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood, etc.)

2. Locate 5

empirical studies in peer-reviewed journals
that address 1 aspect of the domain identified above (e.g., environmental predictors of job satisfaction in young adulthood).

3. Read the articles, taking notes on the methods, results, and conclusions.

4. Write the paper (see format below).

5. The instructor will not proofread papers, but it is acceptable for a friend to proofread for clarity, grammar, and spelling. In addition, the Liberty University Online Writing Center can help with overall writing and flow. You can find the link to the Online Writing Center on the
Developmental Research Paper Assignment Instructions page under
Developmental Research Paper Resource.


1. Include a title page, abstract, references page, and 5 pages of content.

2. For the introduction, be sure to set up the importance of this particular issue, situating it briefly in context. At the end of the introduction should be a thesis statement that guides the following synthesis of research.

3. For the body, be sure to include empirical details from each study, including design, participants, measures, findings, and interpretations. Synthesize the findings into a coherent narrative. Use transition statements as you move from 1 main idea to the next.

4. For the conclusion, summarize your analysis and note the practical implications/applications.

5. Avoid first and second person pronouns, and be sure to use past tense when describing completed research.

6. Current APA standards must be followed.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


Approximately 250 words