Demonstrate the successful creation of basic, free-tier ec2 and s3

In this homework, you will demonstrate the successful creation of basic, free-tier EC2 and S3 servers at Amazon Web Services. 
Assignment: Total 100 points
Using the readings from weeks 3 and 4 as a baseline, create a free-tier AWS account. Be sure you understand how the free-tier models work to avoid any charges. Using the AWS console, configure and launch a Linux EC2 server, a Windows EC2 server and S3 server. For the purposes of this demonstration, you should document with screen captures and descriptions each step in the process.
For simplicity, you should launch the servers in series as opposed to having 3 servers running all at once. For the Linux and Windows server, demonstrate the installation of Java 8 and one other free software application of your choice on the instances. For the S3 instance, demonstrate you can successfully connect to the server and securely send data to and from your machine. The data you send is up to you. For example, you could send images, music files, PDF documents or other documents of your choice.
Within the documentation, describe any challenges you had and how you overcame those challenges. Document the server instance names you created. Also monitor and describe your free-tier resources used. You should be able to monitor the number hours and minutes spent on each server.
Finally, and most importantly, be sure to shut down each instance to avoid any additional charges to your account.
Your document should be well-organized, well-written and provide all references used for your research.  There should be minimal spelling and grammatical errors. 
Submit your paper in Word or PDF format no later than the due date. 





Video: Introduction to AWS


Overview of Amazon Web Services


Signing-up for AWS


Getting Started with AWS




·        Getting Started with AWS


·       AWS Overview


o   Compute and Networking Services


o   Storage and Content Delivery Services


o   Security and Identity Services


o   Database Services


o   Analytics Services


o   Application Services


o   Management Tools






Getting Started with Amazon EC2 Linux Instances


Getting Started with Amazon EC2 Windows Instances


Getting Started with Amazon Simple Storage Service


o   Amazon S3 Basics


·       Sign Up for Amazon S3




·       Create a Bucket


·       Add an Object to a Bucket


·       View an Object


·       Move an Object


·       Delete an Object and Bucket





Approximately 250 words