Db- eeoc field activity | Management homework help

Many people are unaware of their rights to fair treatment at work, or, due to fear of retaliation, are unwilling to complain about discrimination. 

After viewing the video about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission share your answers to the following questions in the discussion board.

Due by Wednesday:

1) Prior to enrolling in university courses,  were you aware of the EEOC?  (5pts)

2) Conduct an informal poll of 5 individuals who are not enrolled in this class to see if they are aware of the EEOC and what it does. How many said yes compared to no? How was the EEOC described by those you polled? Share what you learned with your classmates using the discussion board. (10 pts)

Due  by Sunday:

3) Reply to one classmate about any surprising results or interesting ways in which participants describe the EEOC. (5 pts)


Approximately 250 words