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Increasingly each of us, regardless of where we reside—in a city, country, region, or continent—is bombarded by movies, advertisements, song lyrics, political discourse, books, work programs, and education courses that make the claim that leaders are fundamental to organizational success and social civility.

Journalists, educators, and politicians around the world extol the virtues of leaders—and the dearth of leadership in many contexts. In 2021, a key word search on the word “leadership” results in a list of more than 30,000 books distributed through Amazon alone. Further, each of us likely has a personal perception of the definition, role, and purpose of leadership. 

With much attention on leadership (even amid a lack of leadership standards), managers and scholars are wise to grasp their own leadership philosophies, assumptions, and biases.

  • To launch our discussion this week, begin by identifying a leadership approach with which you are personally familiar. The original post should be no more than three to four paragraphs written in clear, concise form.
  • Support your writing with at least two scholarly sources that are in addition to required readings.
  • When responding to other original posts, discuss the findings, and assess the effective use of the critical inquiry method. Do the findings resonate with your own experiences with and knowledge about leadership practices? Why or why not? Support your position.


Approximately 250 words