Criminal justice essay | Criminal homework help

This project involves reflection of self and the knowledge you have gained throughout the course.


  • To reflect on one’s self as a social agent within the symbiotic relations of crimes of the powerful.
  • To demonstrate the synthesis of knowledge.
  • To demonstrate the relationship of this knowledge to your everyday life choices.
  • To reflect on a possible course of action related to your own efforts for social change to respond to crimes of the powerful.


  • To develop self-awareness of one’s everyday life choices.
  • To reflect on how your everyday life and choices facilitate crimes of the powerful.
  • To synthesize with a strong relationship on course materials with your everyday life choices.


This is to be written in essay format.


Your role is to act as a motivated speaker to discuss the impact of crimes of the powerful and how our own choices facilitate these harms and crimes. Remember, you should be using your authentic voice and use your own voice as applicable when discussing your reflections.


You will be addressing this assignment not only to me but to an unfamiliar audience. This may include an activist group, a group of other students, or at a community event.


This assignment should be a 4-6 page essay (plus any references drawn on), double spaced, Time New Roman, 12 font with 1 inch margins.


Draw from the accumulation of knowledge you have gained through our readings and assignments during this course to provide an intellectual critique discussing your own role in facilitating crimes of the powerful.

  • As you reflect consider how your perspective may or may not have changed in relation to the symbiotic nature of corporate, state-corporate, state, and international financial institutions crimesin light of now having been exposed to knowledge of our own role in facilitating these harms and crimes.
  • Provide specific examples of your own role in the facilitation of crimes of the powerful.
  • Reflect on how our everyday choices may problematize efforts to control or reduce crimes of the powerful.
  • Reflect on how the knowledge you have gained from this course has or has not changed your everyday life choices in relation to crimes of the powerful.


Approximately 250 words