Creating arguments | Human Resource Management homework help

E activity


·         Visit The White House Briefing Room to read “FACT SHEET: The President’s Framework for Shared Prosperity and Shared Fiscal Responsibility” dated April 13, 2011 at Be prepared to discuss.



Discussion 1

·         Consider the difference between empirical scientific evidence and anecdotal evidence. Explain which is considered more useful to the study of public policy and state why.

·         Using the e-Activity, identify 2-3 policies of your choice and discuss which type of evidence is most appropriate for the policies you identified.


Discussion 2

·         Using one of the policies listed in Discussion 1, create one of each of the following (for a total of four arguments): 

o    Normative argument

o    Positive argument

o    Anecdote argument

o    Evidence argument




Approximately 250 words