Conflict 5 | Human Resource Management homework help


Initial Post: Read the Reading & Resources folder and watch the attached videos. Respond to the following and use at least one source.

#1 Come up with a CONFLICT RESOLUTION MANTRA that means something to you and will bring you strength and calmness when dealing with conflict. Make this word(s) or phrase personal to you and try not to copy one that someone has already come up with. 

#2 Why did you choose this mantra? What feelings does it provoke?

#3 How can you use this conflict resolution mantra when faced with future conflicts? 

Replies: Respond to two (2) classmates about how your mantra is similar or different to the one they developed.

Initial Posts: 1 initial post, 250-500 words, at least one academic reference,
Replies: 2 replies, 100-250 words each,

Cite all source(s) used in the text as well as in a reference section using APA format.

Sources should be credible and published within 5 years. Do not use a wiki, blog, or source that is not backed by a valid organization.


Approximately 250 words