Cis 524 small parser | computer science | Cleveland State Community College

Write a Python 3 program to parse the five given timelog data files in the folder “Homepage/Course Project/Small Parser” of the Blackboard to get how many hours and minutes the author spent in each file. The timelog file name will be an argument for your Python program. For example, you run your program on the spirit machine like “python3 TimeLogCarbon.txt” a. Your program needs to report the line number if there is something wrong with the format of the time data in that line that your Python program cannot parse. We cannot assume that there will be a time data value in each line. The line like ‘- 10.remove “other”’ is a perfect line. b. Your program start to count the time after it found the hard-coded “Time Log:” (case insensitive, there is a space between Time and Log). c. The “pm” and “am” should be case insensitive, i.e., 9:10pm or 9:10PM or 9:10pM or 9:10Pm are all valid time value. d. “9:10pm – 11:40pm” or “9:10pm-11:40pm” or “9:10pm -11:40pm” are all valid time periods, i.e., the spaces between “-” and the time value are not important. e. Do not use the regular expression module “re” in your source code. f. We assume there will be no space within “9:10pm”. Please issue “python3 TimeLogCarbon.txt” on the spirit machine (Python version 3.8.10) to test your Python program before you turnin it. Please use “if __name__ == ‘__main__’:” in your code and avoid global variables (read sections 2.5 and 3.17 at Google Python Style Guide ( Two articles about the variable __name__ in Python: ease type your solutions in a Word document file hwch4_xxxxxxx.docx where xxxxxxx is your CSU ID number. Choose File -> Save As from Word to save your solutions as a hwch4_xxxxxxx.pdf. The cover page should contain your name, your CSU ID and the login id you used to turnin the project. Turning it in You have to submit your program electronically by using the following command on the grail machine: turnin -ccis524x -p sparser Start on time and good luck. If you have any questions, send e-mail to [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].


Approximately 250 words