Challenges you faced in projecting demand

Use as many examples as you can to show the logic which underpinned your decisions. Be sure you analyze, discuss and detail to explain both the “Why” and the “How”.  Data should be used to back up your statements wherever necessary, e.g. market share, fixed capacity, balanced scorecard, sales compensation, financial statements etc.  Points will be deducted if you don’t substantiate your assertions with data.


Discuss your total experience, responding to the following questions:


1.      Detail and discuss all the challenges you faced in projecting demand: meeting customer needs and wants, pricing, competitive actions and competitive response.  How did your decisions impact your end performance (market share, income statement)?


2.      Looking back, discuss the many opportunities that were there (looking at your competitors), which you did not make use of and could have used to your benefit.  Identify at least 4 missed opportunities.

3.      Did you do better, equal to or worse than your competitors (Value Comp, Synergy etc.).  Discuss the following 4 parameters:  1) market share, 2) product quality/brand judgment, 3) advertising quality and media placements, 4) sales productivity

4.      Discuss your company’s strengths and weaknesses based on the Quarter 6 Balanced Scorecard. You may also want to evaluate the Cumulative Balanced Scorecard results for a long term perspective on your performance. 

5.      What are the 3 most important lessons that you learned about running a business and/or yourself from this simulation experience. (this is the website)

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Navigate through the website for quarters 1-6 for necessary answers. Don’t worry about pop up “click to decision area)


Approximately 250 words