Business proposal assignment | Business and professional communication | Florida International University, Modesto A. Maidique Campus

You work as a communication specialist at one of the following:

Ben and Jerrys

Casper Matresses


Warby Parker

Go Pro



You are reporting to the CEO of the company, so you must find the name of said person. Using the skills you’ve been practicing in this course, respond to this challenge:

You’re helping prepare a report about the company. The report as a “public business plan,” in that it will discuss the company and its objectives, strategies, and operations without disclosing the sort of confidential international that a typical business plan includes. The target audience includes potential investors, employees, and business partners.

On the job (Internal, Unsolicited Proposal): Write a 2-3 page internal proposal to your boss or supervisor. Remember to include additional headings or sub-headings for each section in the proposal that explain this program- i.e. Background, Solution, Recommendation. Make sure to correctly identify and analyze your audience, as well as any possible secondary audiences. Usually, the person to whom you submit your proposal is in a position to order the implementation of the change recommended.

Think we can we go in the future? What new strategies can we utilize? How can we can our brand narrative? BE CREATIVE. 

I atteched some examples my professor gave us


Approximately 250 words