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IS 684 – Business Process Innovation


  1. Please keep answers concise, providing information off the subject could lead to reduced scoring. The exam is 100 Points
  2. Where appropriate and when asked, include diagrams, but be sure to properly label your diagrams.
  3. Your submission should be a single MS-Word or PDF document, 8.5” x 11” size. Please do not submit more than one document or documents of other sizes.
  4. When asked to draw or diagram a model or framework, you may copy an image from elsewhere, just be sure to cite your source. You still need to fully explain it.
  5. This exam is to be completed individually. Please copy the statement below on the NJIT Policy on Academic Integrity into the top of your submission and as an electronic signature, type your full name, and date of birth.     

Question -1 (20 Points) Gap Model 

  1. (a)  Diagram and explain in detail Harmon’s “Gap Model” as the fundamental approach to process improvement.
  2. (b)  What role might a Business Process Diagram (BPG) developed in BPMN play in the Gap Model?
  3. (c)  In applying the Gap Model, identify and discuss five distinct best practice tactics for improving process efficiency and effectiveness.


Question 2 (20) An Approach to Process Improvement 


In the course we covered two different approaches to process improvement: one proposed by Steven Alter, and a second proposed by Paul Harmon. Compare and contrast each including how one characterizes “AS-IS” and “TO-BE” states and criteria/rules-of-thumb for identifying process improvement opportunities. Which do you find more useful and why? 


Approximately 250 words