Business finance – operations management can someone do my week 1


Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the following:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Chapter 2: Data Management and Wrangling
  • Chapter 3: Summary Measures

Imagine that you are hired as a data analyst for a bank. The bank would like to learn more about its customers’ spending and banking habits to identify areas of improvement. You have been asked to review the bank’s income statements over the last five years and identify trends that will allow them to understand their customers better.

Download your chosen bank’s annual income statements from the last five years from the Mergent OnlineLinks to an external site. database in the University of Arizona Global Campus University Library. Review the Mergent Online: Accessing Mergent OnlineLinks to an external site. resource for tips on accessing and searching the database. Use the “Company Financials” tab in Mergent to access the income statements.

In your paper,

  • Identify an area of the bank’s income statement related to customer spending.
  • Describe the data points or variables that give a complete picture of the customers’ spending pattern for the last six months.
    • In addition to the income statement, explain which other data sources you might use to understand the customers’ spending patterns.
    • List the steps you will take to prepare all these data sources such that they afford clear and accurate information.
  • Build a frequency table, a bar chart, and a pie chart using Excel for the identified variables that explain the customers’ spending patterns. Review the Microsoft Excel Help: HomeLinks to an external site. webpage, available for resources to help utilize Microsoft Excel. Use the same three variables in each table and chart to display the same data in three different formats. 
  • After presenting your data in three formats, evaluate which tables and charts you find most helpful for communicating the desired message about the bank’s customers. For assistance on when and how to use tables, refer to resource Tables, Images, & AppendicesLinks to an external site..

The Turning Variables into Knowledge paper


Approximately 250 words