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Below is your Fiction Project assignment that you will turn in to the drop box for Week 04. Be sure to contact your instructor if you get stuck or have questions.”

Fiction Fundamentals


Step in the Project

Character, Dialogue, Cultural Considerations

Week 04

Build characters. Write character sketches of two of the main characters in action in your story. Include dialogue.



Step 1. Last week you outlined your plot. From your basic plot, you should be able to identify two characters to write sketches for. In our Little Red Riding Hood simplified example, you would choose the little girl and the wolf. 

Step 2. Before you start, study your textbook on “Cultural Considerations” and “Characterization.” 

Step 3. In a new document (separate from the rough draft of the story you are working on), write character sketches of two of your characters. Try to include some cultural details. 

Sample of how your character sketches might begin

Character sketch #1 The little girl. The little girl loves to wear a riding hood that is red. In fact, the neighbors call her Little Red Riding Hood. She is petite with blond hair, a round chin, and a slender nose. She loves to do cartwheels when she is not carrying a basket of cookies. She also loves to visit her Grandmother who was born and raised in Portugal . 

Character sketch #2. The wolf.  The wolf is old and lonely and has no friends. He worries all the time because he is getting so old he can no longer run fast enough to catch the deer and the rabbits in the forest. He is always hungry and looking for new dinners. His ears are long and shabby.

What to turn in this week: Submit your two character sketches.



Approximately 250 words