Attempt | Education homework help


1)  Michelle needed money to pay her rent. She is behind 3 months in rent  and fears being evicted. She decides to rob Capital One Bank. Michelle  asks her roommate Cheryl to help her. They agree to split the money 60%  Michelle and 40% for Cheryl.  This was based on the fact that Cheryl was  going to only purchase the items necessary to commit the crime, like  the gun and ski mask, and agreed to be the lookout at the bank.  Cheryl  purchased a gun and ski mask early in the week. Midweek, she stopped  into the local pub for a few drinks. She began telling the bartender  about her plan to get money.  The bartender said nothing. Later that  week, before the robbery was to take place, Michelle and Cheryl went to  get their nails done. While at the nail salon, they were arrested. As  the prosecutor, with what crimes can you charge Michelle and Cheryl?  Do  their actions constitute the crime of attempt? Discuss why or why not.  Use legal reasoning to support your response.

2) April  and Troy have been unhappily married for years. April wanted a divorce,  but Troy feared April would get too much of his money and the marital  home.  He decided it was best to kill her. He decided to poison her.  He  went to CVS and inquired of the pharmacist about needing a sleep aid  for his insomnia. The pharmacist gave him a bottle of sleeping pills.   Troy believed if he gave April several pills in her tea, she would die  peacefully in her sleep. She drank the tea, but nothing happened but for  a little drowsiness. Troy is charged with attempted murder. Will Troy  be found guilty of attempted murder?   Discuss why or why not. Use legal  reasoning to support your response.

3)  Please share any similar cases that you found.  How did conducting  research and going through each step of legal analysis help you to reach  this conclusion?  Analyze how you applied critical thinking and legal  analytical skills to assist you in this regard.  What new research  and/or analytical tool or method did you try for the first time this  week?  What do you think you do well and what would you like to  strengthen so that you continue to improve?   

4) Collaborate with each other as the week goes on to make all aspects of this Discussion as robust as possible.


Approximately 250 words