Application of humidity sensors | Applied Sciences homework help


My topic is about potential application of humidity sensors
Your proposal should take the form of a report of 3000 words (±10%) (excluding appendices) having the following structure:

Front Sheet with Project Title, Unit Name and Code, Student Name and Number

  • Introduction
    • Background and Rationale (200 words)
    • Project Aim and Objectives (150 words)
    • Project Outcomes (150 words)
  • Literature Review (1500 words)
  • Methodology (500 words)
  • Project Plan (250 words)
  • Evaluation (250 words)


Appendices (if needed)

Please note you can consider your project title as a working title at the current stage. A well-written project title should give an idea of what you are going to investigate. Think of it as a one sentence summary of what you are going to do. An example project title might be:

The use of smart textiles for monitoring the health of the elderly. PLEASE check the attachment Project Proposal Brief for specific information…These are the reference you may use, and the Carbon-Based Materials for Humidity Sensing: A Short Review could be very helpful. You can also refer to other resources, but it is better if you could refer to the materials I gave you.

I have also attached a example paper,Final…Green solutions in Textile Industry, Please follow this format in this project paper.


Approximately 250 words